Rated as a 5 star accommodation, lodging is in individual camps (one cottage per two anglers), each has its own bathroom with running hot and cold water, all linens are provided including towels and eco-friendly soaps. Beds are comfortable with feather and down pillows and comforters. A building used mainly as a living room is separate from the rest of the buildings for meetings, relaxation, board games, and reading. You will find lots of books and binoculars. Enjoy tranquillity and comfort with a view on the majestic Gulf of St. Lawrence.

Local & regional cuisine
All meals are cooked with care with fresh seafood, seasonal vegetables, fresh fruit and meats that are prepared to order. Enjoy hearty breakfasts, shore lunches, hors d‘oeuvres and appetizers at cocktail hour and all kinds of homemade desserts. Here is a sample menu:

    • Locally fresh caught lobster and crab (both from Baie Johan-Beetz)
    • Organic farm-raised Angus Roast Beef
    • Rack of lamb
    • Charlevoix veal
    • Sea scallops from Havre St-Pierre
    • Quebec cheese
    • Chicoutaï – a local berry also known as bake apple or cloudberry.